Effective stainless steel bathtub

When treating burn victims and helping to keep up a good hygiene it's important to have a stainless steel bathtub with functions and design for that purpose. After all, the body of a burn victim is sensitive and great care needs to be made to ensure that no further pain and damage is inflicted upon them. But not only that, ​​but it's important to make sure that work is made easy and efficient for the caretakers and nurses tending to the patient. 

With a stainless steel bathtub from TR Equipment you get a tub specifically made and designed for this purpose, with functions such as height adjustment, cleaning system and thermometer to help nurses and caretakers make cleaning a patient an easier task that reduces risk of work injuries and stress. In the long run help a stainless steel bathtub reduce potential costs within hospitals.

Stainless equipment

Among stainless steel bathtub manufacturers the one to recommend is TR Equipment whom produces high quality products with low cost of ownership along with durability. They of course have other products in their line-up, all of them designed and adapted for patient hygiene among other things. 

Besides the bathtub they also offer such as shower trolleys, shower chairs, mobile patient lifts and various other products that assist caretakers with cleaning and showering patients. It helps make sure that diseases and bacteria doesn't spread as well as help caretakers prevent infections upon the patient's body which can otherwise be especially common with burn victims. It's partly why hygiene is especially important with patients whom have suffered burns.​